Setting the Motif XS or XF to send PC and Arp info to The DTXM12.

Last Update: 09/25/2013

NOTE: This is done after a XS performance has been created. When this is done, there are a few settings needed when sending info to the M12, since arp info will be used.

TIP: Steps 1-11 are done while you’re editing your performance.

1. Press the [EDIT] button

2. Select the part your drums are in (i.e. if you put your drums in part 3, then press the number 3 button).

3. Press the [F3] button

4. Set the Accent Velocity to OFF

5. Set the MIDI out sw to ON.

6. Set the MIDI out ch to 10

7. Press the [F2] button

8. Set the Voice with arp to ON

9. Press the [F1] button

10. Set the Volume to 0

NOTE: This is done because there is no need to hear the drums from the XS, since the DTXM12 drums will be used.

11. Store this info along with the rest of your performance you’re creating

Setting up and assigning the master and
the master transmit channel.

NOTE: This is the section that will be used for triggering the DTXM12. Keep in mind that this is NOT setting board 
parameters for the existing performance. This is a master edit, not a performance edit.

1. Press the [MASTER] button.

2. Press the [JOB] button.

3. Press the [ENTER] button.

4. Press the [YES] button.

5. Press the [MASTER] button.

6. Press the [EDIT] button.

7. Press the [F2] button.

8. Use the data wheel to assign Performance to MODE.

9. Then assign which Performance to MEMORY (i.e.
(i.e. This is the Performance USER number you used to store to in step 11 above).

10. Set the  ZONE switch to ‘ON’.

11. Press the [ 1 ] button (using the 1-16 button panel).

12. Press the [F1] button.

13. INT Switch for ZONE 1 is the only box to be checked.

NOTE: Use the 1-16 buttons and remove all checkmarks other than what's used in INT Switch for zone 1. This is also where the XS is assigned to transmit to an external unit, using zone 8 (in this
example). Settings limits for that zone are covered later.

14. Press the number [ 8 ] button.

15. Use the data wheel to set the receive channel to 10 (default channel for drums).

16. Press the [F2] button.

17. Use the arrow buttons to select Zone 8.

18. Set the NOTE LIMIT LOW to G8.

19. Press the [F3] button.

20. Press the [SF1] button.

TIP: Only zone 8 has the external bank and Program change settings checked. Everything else is empty

21. Press the [SF2] button

NOTE: Make sure Zone 8 has NO checks

22. Press the [F4] button

NOTE: This is the screen used to assign PC (program change) which is the MSB, LSB, and PC numbers), one
of the 2 below will be used.

The DTXM12 USER 1 bank is:

MSB -125
LSB - 001
PC - 1-127 which = user slots 1-100

The DTXM12 USER 2 bank is:

MSB -125
LSB - 002
PC - 1-127 which = user slots 101-200

NOTE: As an example, if a drum kit was stored in user 2, slot 4, and the XS needed to send a command for it, it would look like this:

MSB -125

LSB - 002
PC - 004

23. Press the [STORE] button.

24. Press the [ENTER] button

25. Press the [YES] button

Now when this Master performance is selected, the DTXM12 will play the drum portion.

Motif XS6,
Motif XS7, Motif XS8, Motif XF6, Motif XF7, Motif XF8.

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