Motif XF, Using a Mic

Last Update: 10/24/2012

1. Press the [UTILITY] button.

2. Press the [F2] button.

3. Assign MIC/Line to MIC.

4. Press the [STORE] button.

5. Press the [SONG] button.

NOTE: This procedure can be used in either Song or Pattern mode:

6. Press the [MIXING] button.

7. Press the [EDIT] button.

8. Press the [COMMON] button.

9. Press the [F4] button.

10. Press the [SF1] button.

11. Set the Mono/Stereo setting to L+Rmono.

12. Now press the #1 button (1-16) to select part 1.

13. Press the [MIXING] button (it should default to the [F1] MIXING screen, if not, press [F1]).

14. Remove the check mark in the INS FX SW row.

15. Press the [F2] button.

16. Add the check mark in the INS FX SW row.

17. Set the Rev and CHO to desired levels.

18. Press the [F5] button.

NOTE: Buttons [SF3] and [SF4] can now be used to explore different types of effects (i.e. choruses / reverbs) and settings.

NOTE: MIC gain is controlled by using the gain knob on the back of the XF.

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