Settings Required to Access Windows XP from the MOTIF XS via a Network Connection

Last Update: 09/25/2010

When connecting via DHCP, open the Local Area Connection window from the Control Panel Network Connection window, and select Automatically Acquire IP Address in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) property window.

Windows XP

1. Right-click the folder you want to share with the MOTIF XS, and click Sharing and Security.

2. Change the radio button selection in the Sharing tab to Share this Folder, and enter an appropriate sharing name.

3. Enable to writing to files by clicking the 'Access Permission' button and checking 'Full Control'.

1. Select [UTILITY] > [F1]:General > [SF3]:Network to open the network display.

2. Set the network parameters as required and press the [ENTER] button.
NOTE: When connecting via DHCP turn DHCP Client ON .
(Refer to Network Connection on page 86, and Network Settings  [SF3] Network on pages 260 ~ 262 of the MOTIF XS owners manual.)

3. Press the [FILE] button to enter the File mode.

4. Press the [SF2]:Mount button. Check that the computer name is displayed in the Host field in the display, and press the [ENTER] button.

5. The user name and password entry display will appear.
Press the [F6]:CHAR button, enter the computer user account name and password, and press the [ENTER] button.

6. If the entered account name and password are correct, a list of the computers shared folders will appear.
Move the cursor to Sharing Point, use the [INC/YES] and [DEC/NO] buttons to select the folder you want to mount, and then press the [ENTER] button. A mount indicator will appear for the selected folder, which can be displayed by pressing the [F1]:File button.

7. Press the [F1]:File button. The device name Computer Name, Shared Folder Name will appear in the Device item in the upper area of the display. When the device name is selected the contents of the shared folder will appear on the display.
NOTE: If the computer to be accessed does not appear in the MOTIF XS list, from the Windows XP Control Panel select Management Tools > Service, then double-click the Messenger service in the list.

8. Change the startup mode to Auto, then click the Apply button. Also click the Start button. Once the Messenger service is started, temporarily select a different display on the MOTIF XS and then return to the [[FILE] > [F2]:Mount display.

For information on individual computer network environments, please refer to available documents or consult your network administrator.

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