What settings are required to access Mac OS X from the MOTIF XS via a network connection?

Last Update: 09/24/2010

Refer to the following:
(For information on individual computer network environments, please refer to available documents or consult your network administrator.)

* When connecting via DHCP, in System Preferences > Network select Using DHCP for Configure IPv4 in the TCP/IP tab.
When using MAC OS X it necessary to enable the Windows Sharing service.
Go to System Preferences > Sharing, and check Windows Sharing. Also click Account and check the user name that owns the directory to be shared.

* Access from the MOTIF XS is carried in the same way as for a Windows computer. However, whereas the sharing settings can be individually specified for each folder in Windows, in Mac OS X the entire user home directory is shared.

The procedure is the same as for a Windows computer. Refer to the for accessing Windows XP from the MOTIF XS.

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