What settings are required to access the MOTIF XS from Windows XP via a network connection?

Last Update: 09/24/2010

(For information on individual computer network environments, please refer to available documents or consult your network administrator.)
* This actually accesses a USB device connected to the MOTIF XS.

1. Select [UTILITY] > [F1]:General > [SF3]:Network to open the network display.

2. Press the [SF5] button and enter the password that will be used to access the MOTIF XS from Windows XP. Specify a password that is between 5 and 8 characters in length.

3. Set the File Server item to on.
NOTE: This allows the MOTIF XS to be accessed from Windows XP with the nobody user name. The user name can be changed as required via the File Server Account item.

4. Press the [ENTER] button to enable the settings. If necessary, press the [STORE] button to save the settings in the MOTIF XS memory.

1. Open My Network and then Entire Network.
2. Open Microsoft Windows Network.
3. Open Workgroup.
* If the computer workgroup name is mshome or some other different name, select [F1]:General > [SF3]:Network and set the Domain item to match the computers setting.
4. Open Yamaha_Synthesizer (Motif_xs-251723).
* If the Host Name is MOTIF_XS-251723 and the Description is Yamaha_Synthesizer.
5. You will be prompted for the user name and password. Enter the user name and password specified above.
The USB device connected to the MOTIF XS will appear below the folder named media.
* If you cannot browse using the method described above, try directly entering the MOTIF XS name: In the Windows computer browser address bar, enter �� followed by the MOTIF XS host name.
Example: If the host name is MOTIF_XS-251723, enter ��MOTIF_XS-251723.
* You can check the MOTIF XS host name via the Host Name item in the Utility mode Network display.

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