MOX6, MOX8 - Loading an SMF into Song Mode

Last Update: 09/01/2012

MOX6, MOX8 - Loading an SMF into Song Mode


1) Insert the USB storage device containing the song you want to load.

2) From the [SONG] Mode, press [FILE] button.

3) From the File Mode press the [F3] LOAD button.

4) Using the [DATA WHEEL], select type "Song" in the type field.

5) [CURSOR RIGHT] to the file box and select the MIDI file you want to load by highlighting it and pressing [ENTER].

NOTE: Standard MIDI files will have a .MID file extension.

6) [CURSOR LEFT] and select the desired song number to load the selected MIDI file to.

NOTE: This is the location that the loaded MIDI file will appear in. Dialogue to the right of the song number indicates what currently resides in the song location. Loading a song into a used location will replace anything currently located in the selected song number. Empty song locations are represented by [*******].

7) Press the [SF1] EXEC button to execute the load.

8) Press the [SONG] button to return to Song Mode.

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