Prologue Download and Activation

Last Update: 11/29/2012

NOTE: Prologue is installe only after Cubase has been installed and registered.

The activation code is only available from either the Motif 10th Year anniversary kit or the MOX series.

1. Click here for the Prologue download.

2. Download the Prologue plug in based for Windows or OSX.

3. Extract the compressed file.

4. Double click on the Prologue execute file.

Do not start Cubase at this point.

5. Open up elicense control center.

6. Click on the green 'Enter activation code' button.

Prologue will not be displayed at this point.

7. Enter the activation code (yellow sheet) that came with the Motif 10 year Anniversary kit or MOX.

8. Click on 'Continue'.

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