How to Add Effects to The A/D Input signal in Song, Pattern, and Performance Mode.

Last Update: 12/05/2012

1. Press the [MIXING] button.

If using PERFORMANCE mode, the MIXING parameter isn’t used.

2. Press the [EDIT] button.

3. Press the [F6] button.

4. Press the [SF2] button

5. Set the AD insert setting to ON

The MOX only allows for 3 insert effects to be used per project.  In order for the A/D insert to be turned on, one of the others may need to be turned off.

6. Press the [F5] button.

7. Press the [SF2] button

8. Select one of the inserts, INSA or INSB

9. Use the data wheel to select the desired effect such as 'REV'erb, 'CHO'rus, or 'DELA'y.

10. Store with the rest of the project when finished editing.

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