MOX6/MOX8 - Assigning the Foot Switch to Control the Modulation Effect

Last Update: 06/29/2012

MOX6/MOX8 - Assigning Foot Switch to Control Modulation Effect

1. Connect a foot switch to the foot switch "assignable" input of the keyboard

2. Press the [UTILITY] buton

3. Press [F4] CTRL ASN

4. Press [SF2] FT SW

5. Set the FS parameter to "1[MOD WHEEL]"

6. Press [STORE] to store your changes

NOTE: This procedure will assign the connected Foot Switch to trigger the maximum or minimum value of the Modulation Wheel, which in turn will affect the assigned modulation effect parameter. When doing this, using a latching Foot Switch is preferred. Using a momentary switch, like a sustain pedal, will require you to hold the pedal down.

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