Saving Data to a floppy disk on a V50

Last Update: 12/18/2010

1) Insert a 3.5 double-sided, double-density floppy disk into the disk drive.

2) Press the [DISK] button.

3) Press the button below '>Save' on the display.

4) Press a button to select one of the following types of data to save.
ALL............Save synthesizer data, sequencer data, and rhythm data.
SYN............Save only synthesizer data to disk.
SEQ............Save only sequencer data to disk.
R.SEQ.........Save only rhythm machine data for an entire song to disk.
Card...........Save all data from the specified bank of the currently inserted card to disk.

5) With the cursor at '>File' on the display, select a file number, and set a file name for the data you are saving.

6) Press the button below '>GO' on the display. The message ''Are you sure'' will appear.

7) Press the [+1] button to complete the save process.

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