Ceating a Layer

Last Update: 10/24/2012

NOTE: This process is performed AFTER the multi has been initialized.

1. Press the [MULTI] button

2. Press the [EDIT] button

The [ - ] / [ + ] part element buttons are used get into part editing mode and to cycle through the 16 parts.

3.  Press [ + ] to select a part (i.e. part1).

4. Use the [DEC/NO] or [INC/YES] buttons to select a voice

Pressing the [CATEGORY SEARCH] button and using the data wheel can also be used to select a voice.

5. For additional parts, repeat step 3 & 4.

The part number will displayed (i.e. P2) in the lower left hand corner of the display.

6. When finished selecting voices, press the down arrow [▼] button to go to page 6.

NOTE: Each part has its own dedicated receive channel. When layering, receive channels need to be the same channel so the parts being used for the layer can be heard as a group.

7. Use the [INC] / [DEC] buttons to change the 'RCV CH' to 01 for each part.

An example would be if parts 1thru 3 were used for a layer, then 1 thru 3 must all have 'RCV CH' set to 01.

The [ - ] / [ + ] part element buttons are used to cycle through parts.

This concludes layering. If finished, store at this point. If splitting is needed, then see the document covering splitting.

S08, S03

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