Last Update: 10/24/2012

NOTE: Splitting is done AFTER layering has been completed. For layering, please see the document for layering.

1. Press the [EDIT] button.

2. Press the [▼] button to select page 4 (seen in the lower left hand corner of the screen).

3. Use the [◄] or [►] button to select NtLmt-L (low) or NtLmt-H (high).

Limit low and limit high are NOT referring to the left or right side of the board. It’s referring to the high or low limit of the PART (i.e. A part set for the MIDDLE of a 3 way split must still have both the

LIMIT HIGH (Left) AND LIMIT LOW (right) parameters set).

4. Press (and hold down) the [ENTER] button.

5. While holding [ENTER] down, press a key to set the limit for either NtLmt-L (low) or NtLmt-H (high).

6. When finished with setting the high and low limits for 1 part, press [ + ] (under part/element) to select the next part and repeat steps 3 - 6.

The [ - ] / [ + ] part element buttons are used to cycle through parts.

This concludes splitting. If finished, store at this point.

S08, S03

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