Bringing in Part of a Layer with an FC-7 Expression Pedal

Last Update: 05/23/2012

In this article we will edit one of the preset performances to demonstrate how to enable a Layer (Part) to be controlled with an FC-7 expression pedal. We will start by selecting one of the factory Performances, 80AnaSplit, C11/D11.  In this example we will enable the Foot controller only in part 2 to allow us to bring the OB synth voice in and out with the FC-7.

1) Plug the FC-7 into the Foot Controller 1 (or Foot Controller 2) jack.


2) Press the [VOICE] button.

3) Press the [UTILITY] button.

4) Press the [F3] and [SF3] buttons.

5) Using the cursor buttons underneath the dial, navigate to ‘FC-1’ and turn the [DATA] dial to ‘11 Express’. 
NOTE: Do not assign the FC to ‘07 volume’, this will not work.

6) Press the [STORE] button to save the change.

Choosing Which Part Will be Effected by the Pedal.

1) Press the [PERFORMANCE] button to get to Performance Mode.


2) Press the [EDIT] button.


3) Press the [TRACK SELECT] button.


4) Press the PART [2] button.


5) Press the [F5] button.


6) Use the cursor buttons to navigate to ‘FC1’.


6a) Since this part IS going to be affected, turn the [DATA] dial so that the box has an 'X' in it. (X is set to 'ON'


6b) Then cursor to 'EXP' and turn the [DATA] dial so the box has an 'X' in it and also is set to 'ON'.

7) For each part that is NOT going to be effected, press the corresponding PART numbers ([1], [3], and repeat Steps 6 and 6 a  now switching the 'FC 1' and the 'EXP' to empty boxes (this is off).

NOTE: From the initialized state, the default is 'ON'.  However, if starting from an existing Performance, it could be set either way. Check each active Part so that you don't get unexpected results.

8) Press the [STORE] button, then press [ENTER] and [YES] to save the changes.

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