Assigning an Arp in Performance Mode

Last Update: 11/29/2012

1. Press the [PERFORMANCE] button.

2. Press the [F6] button

NOTE: Bank can remain at Pre, but when selecting a Ctgr (category), select one based on which voice was selected earlier. (i.e. if a drum voice was selected, then DrPc would be a good ctgr to start for drums).

3. Check the box for which Part will be used for the Arp (i.e. Drums assigned to part 2 will need the box for part 2 checked in order for the drums to respond to the Arp).

4. Set Switch to ‘ON’.

TIP: The HOLD option (same screen) is used to keep the Arp running when the keys are released.

5. Move down and select a Type.

NOTE: At this point pressing the key(s), for the assigned part, triggers the Arp.

NOTE: This concludes assigning Arps to the Performance. Continue editing the other parameters of the Performance, then store it when finished.

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