Editing Elements in the S90ES and Motif ES series.

Last Update: 05/29/2014

1. Press the [VOICE] button.

2. Select the voice to be edited.

3. Press the [EDIT] button.

4. Use the 1-4 buttons to select element edit mode.

5. Press the [F1] button.

6. Press the [SF1] button.

NOTE: The name of the element is displayed on the right hand side of the display.

TIP: This is also the same section where elements are turned ON or OFF.

7. Press the [F4] button.

8. Press the [SF1] button.

9. Use the 1-4 buttons to select the element that needs the level changed.

10. Select the LEVEL.

11. Use the data wheel to change the level.

12. Store the voice in a USER bank.

13. Now use that new user voice in your multi part 8.

S90ES, Motif ES6, Motif ES7, Motif ES8.

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