Surge Protection for Yamaha Products

Last Update: 08/31/2004

Surge protector devices offer protection from power surges and other power-related disturbances that can potentially damage the internal electrical components of Yamaha products.

The minimum AC wattage rating for a surge protector should be selected according to the power consumption rating of the Yamaha product to which it will be connected. The power consumption rating for a Yamaha product is typically found next to the power connector on the Yamaha product, or for those products that require a power adaptor, on the adaptor itself. To locate an appropriate surge protection device, check with a surge protector vendor, manufacturer, or retailer.

One manufacturer that produces a wide range of surge protection devices for business and home use is Tripp Lite.

IMPORTANT: When there is the likelihood that an electrical storm will occur, a Yamaha product should always be disconnected from the AC outlet, regardless of whether or not it has a surge protector.

DISCLAIMER: The recommendations presented above are intended to help Yamaha users provide the best possible protection and care for Yamaha products. Yamaha assumes no liability, however, for damage due to the failure of a surge protection device to adequately protect Yamaha products.

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