SY85 Factory Reset procedure

Last Update: 11/09/2004

WARNING: All user stored data will be deleted. If the current settings and data are not expendable, create a backup before executing the Factory Reset.

1) Turn on the power.

NOTE: All buttons must be pressed and held simultaneously in sequence to engage the test routine.

2) Press and hold down the [SHIFT] button, together with the [STORE] button and then the [EXIT] button.

3) The SY85 will run the initial test routine and display the test menu.

4) Press the [MENU] button. The SY85 will execute test 44 ''Factory Set'' and return to play mode.

5) Press the [+1] button.

6) Reload the internal memory (Synthesizer Data) from the 3.5'' Factory Floppy Disk. This step is required because all Synthesizer data is deleted.

a) Press the [UTILITY] button.
b) Press the SUB MODE 'DISK' button.
c) Press the [F1] button.
d) Press the [ENTER/YES] button twice.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.225

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