How do I reduce the clicking noise when I retract my first and third valve slides?

Last Update: 12/12/2013

The noise that is produced when your valve tuning slides are returned to their natural position can be distracting, especially during quiet performances or rehearsals. To eliminate this sound we recommend putting black rubber O-rings on the first and third valves slides, acting as a cushion or soft barrier when the slides are returned to their natural position. These rings can be purchased at any local hardware store.

YCR-2330, YCR-2310, YCR-2330, YCR-6330, YHR-8335, YHR-8620, YCR-9435

YFH-2310, YFH-631, YFH-8310, YFH-8315

YTR-8445, YTR-9445

YRT-4335, YTR-2330, YTR-2335, YTR-4335, YTR6335, YTR-6345, YTR-8335, YTR-8345, YTR-200AD, YTR-5335, YTR-8310, YTR-8340, YTR-9335

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