Replacing the Corks on Spit Valves

Last Update: 11/16/2012

A spit valve utilizes a piece of cork which acts as an air tight seal at the edge of the valve opening. Having an air tight fit is essential. Many music stores carry replacement corks, but due to size and difficulty of replacing them we recommend you take your brass instrument to a professional. Please click the link below to find a Yamaha servicer near you.

YTR-891, YHR-891, YBB-891 Conn, Selmer, Etc

YHR-322, YHR-881, YHR-314, YHR-567, YHR-667, YHR- 668, YHR-891,YCR-2330, YCR-2310, YCR-2330, YCR-6330, YHR-8335, YHR-8620, YCR-9435, YFH-2310, YFH-631, YFH-8310, YFH-8315, YRT-4335, YTR-2330, YTR-2335, YTR-4335, YTR6335, YTR-6345, YTR-8335, YTR-8345, YTR-200AD, YTR-5335, YTR-8310, YTR-8340, YTR-9335, YTR-8445, YTR-9445, YSL-354, YSL-200, YSL-350, YSL-445, YSL-447, YSL-881, YSL-610, YSL-630, YSYTUDUDUDUDUL-897, YSL-891, YSL-882, YSL-446, YSL-448, YSL-882, YSL-871, YSL-872, YBL-421, YBL-620, YBL-822, YBL-830, YAH-803, YAH-203, YEP-642, YEP-201, YEP-211, YEP-321, YEP-642, YEP-842, YEP-202, YBH-301, YBH-621, YBB-105, YBB-201, YBB-321, TBB-621, YBB-631, YBB-641, YBB-105, YCB-621, YCB-822, YEB-321, YEB-632, YFB-621-YFB-822, YMP-204, YMP-302, YBH-301, YBB-202, YSH-301, YSH-411

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