Why can't I produce a sounds after I just oiled my trumpet valves?

Last Update: 12/12/2013

When reinstalling your trumpet valves after oiling them, it is important that the numbers on the valves are forward facing. This ensures the tubing is aligned and allows air to flow through the horn.

YCR-2330, YCR-2310, YCR-2330, YCR-6330, YHR-8335, YHR-8620, YCR-9435

YFH-2310, YFH-631, YFH-8310, YFH-8315

YRT-4335, YTR-2330, YTR-2335, YTR-4335, YTR6335, YTR-6345, YTR-8335, YTR-8345, YTR-200AD, YTR-5335, YTR-8310, YTR-8340, YTR-9335

YTR-8445, YTR-9445

YAH-803, YAH-203

YBH-301, YBH-621,

YMP-204, YMP-302, YBH-301, YBB-202, YSH-301, YSH-411

YBB-105, YBB-201, YBB-321, TBB-621, YBB-631, YBB-641, YBB-105, YCB-621, YCB-822, YEB-321, YEB-632, YFB-621-YFB-822

YEP-642, YEP-201, YEP-211, YEP-321, YEP-642, YEP-842, YEP-202

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